Little Group Socials

This is a ONE of a kind service specifically geared towards offering you a safe place to socialize your little.

Are you scared to bring your little to a dog park? Has your little been previously attacked by a big dog? Are you wanting to help your little feel more comfortable around dogs of all sizes? Our Little Group Socials might just be what you are looking for!

Little Group Socials are held at our facility with our stable and social pack of littles and big dogs as well. Teaching your little how to be social is a BIG part of ensuring their safety around other dogs. During our Little Group Socials your little will spend 30 minutes to 1 hour interacting safely with different dogs in a controlled and safe environment. You will get to attend and also learn how to keep your little safe and advocate for them when needed.

Little Group Socials can be purchases hourly or as a package.

1 Social /$55.00      3 Socials/$140.00     5 Socials/$233.75


•Please Contact us for more details