Little Bodies, Big Barks is owned and operated by Cher Wood. As a small dog owner herself, Cher felt the need to have a training program that was geared towards the needs of small dog owners.  She understands the challenges that come with raising and living with a small dog. After working with 100s of small dogs, she has developed a training program that suits the dogs needs, as well as the owners.

Cher has spent her entire life surrounded by dogs. Her parents raised Scottish Terriers and her love for small dogs began. She was showing dogs with the Canadian Kennel Club at the age of 9.  Cher spends all of her free time attending seminars, workshops and learning as much as she can on canine behaviour. Cher believes every dog is different and therefore every training technique should be customized for the individual dog.


“When I work with a client who owns a small dog, the whole training program itself is different. I need to customize my approach based on the size of the dog and the relationship the client has with that dog.  We get small dogs for a reason, therefore my training approach needs to be aware of that. ”  – Cher Wood