Welcome to Little Bodies, Big Barks, an affiliate of Street Wise Canine.  Our company specializes in creating a customized training approach to help your small dog learn how to safely navigate in a giant world. Your little dog is special, he deserves to work with a company that can understand and respect his needs.

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Little Bodies, Big Barks can help you with all your little dog needs. Don’t train your little the same way as a big dog! Let us show you how our unique programs can help out your little specifically. We cover everything from diet, training tools, specialized games and most of all safety while out in this big world!

“Little Bodies, Big Barks is something that the dog training community needs. After working with 100s of small dogs, my own included, I realized how differently I worked with them and interacted with them. The dynamic between the dog and the owner is very different than owning a large breed dog. Let me show you how amazing your little dog can be.”

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